Who We Are

/Who We Are


We have the flexibility which banks do not, we see opportunities where others see problems and we work to provide you stellar financing options. Whether an investor, borrower, broker or real estate professional, we are honored to be your preferred private lender.

Efficient Financing

Smoky Mountain Capital, LLC (SMC) originates short-term real estate loans for the purpose of acquiring and/or renovating distressed residential & commercial real estate. Our approach is Asset-based rather than credit based and therefore we provide efficient financing solutions for borrowers with less than perfect credit history. For those real estate professionals who need immediate funding and do now want to be subject to the lengthy application process of conventional lenders, we are here to fund your deal.

60+ Years Of Experience

Our executive management team has more that 60+ years collectively within the U.S. real estate markets. Our experience has touched nearly every aspect of real estate lending and investing. Not only do we lend private capital but we are also investors, looking for key distressed opportunities to promote maximum growth potential and future revenues for SMC, you’re invited to partner with us on our investment opportunities anytime, just inquire within.

Why Should I Use SMC?

Direct Lenders – allows for complete control of every transaction

Seasoned Capital – we never run out of funds!

At SMC clients come first!

We deliver you results and close!

Our Highlights

Quick Funding

Offering loan products that close in as little as 10 days

Non Credit Based Loan Options

Several of our programs are non credit driven short term loans

Flexible Loan Terms

We offer a variety of rate and term options generally structured as interest only, thus allowing every client to choose which options best suits the investment opportunity

Investment Security

Each loan is secured by a 1st Deed of Trust on the real property with expertise lending ratio’s not to exceed 70-75% of the expected market valuation

Customer Service

We pride ourselves on providing you with excellent customer service, please feel free to contact us at any time with questions

Loan Closings

Each loan will close through an escrow company and to include the necessary insurance coverage

Investment Amounts

SMC funds loans of all sizes, allowing you the client to structure your investment based on the needs of your interests. We are interested to fund any loan with a purchase or combined loan value of $75,000 or more

Loan Payments

Your monthly payments will be collected by a third-party loan servicing company, allowing for the payment process to be seamless and simple

Solid Exit Strategy

Our team has vast experience within the real estate markets and will review your exit strategy to make sure you have a solid exit in mind, and/or help to prepare for any additional lending needs