We are presently living in the midst of one of those rare real estate opportunities. Smoky Mountain Capital, LLC (SMC) was created in an effort to adapt to a changing real estate and investment market place – specifically, a real estate market which is gaining momentum after several turbulent years and a mortgage market that continues to under serve millions of otherwise legitimate borrowers. In its simplest form, SMC acquires non performing loans at a discount, cures any performance issues, and then resells the note with a 20-25 point margin. Most distressed buyers have the same strategy but SMC has access to large pools of distressed opportunities with a limited competition base, thus allowing us to deliver results on a much higher scale and compartmentalize risk.</p?

Investors can earn a strong annual return with the security of knowing that your investments are secured by real property and backed by a large amount of equity. We offer experience and expertise to help turn your cash into a stable, high yield income producing investment through Real Estate distressed asset acquisitions.

Throughout history this has been a strategy of the elite. Due to today’s difficult environments, an opportunity for everyday accredited investors has opened up. Many people have lost money investing in stocks, bonds and mutual funds with no collateral or guaranteed return. On the contrary, Real Estate distressed properties are unique investments because they provide a high return, a secured asset and reduced risk calculated against the principal.

If you are interested to participate, please contact one of SMC’s managing partners below for more information and a copy of our investment offering memorandum.

Senior Manager Acquisitions

Wade Carroll


Managing Member

Kevin Earnest