Bridge Loan Program

/Bridge Loan Program

Traditional lenders are limited to providing capital under a strict set of conditions. Because of our equity-based financing, SMC is not bound by those restrictions and can provide bridge loans backed by equity in a property to meet any number of requirements. We make bridge loans to real estate professionals and investors interested in quickly buying both commercial and residential property before the property is sold.

We also offer bridge loans to small business owners that need fast money on property that is held free and clear or with substantial equity. Our bridge loans maximize your flexibility, enabling you to build, purchase, or rehab a residential or commercial property.

Loan Highlights

Loans up to 80% of the Purchase Price

No Minimum Credit Requirements (Asset Based)

Up to 2 Million USD Per Loan

Residential or Commercial

Rates As Low As 8.50% – Interest Only Per Month

Term: 6 – 12 Months – No Prepayment Penalty

Points: Not To Exceed 4% of the Total Loan Value

Client Pays for 3rd Party Appraisal or BPO & Inspection of our Choice

Ready To Apply?

Our online application process is fast, secure, simple and easy to complete. You’ll be guided through step-by-step process.

A delay in securing funding could mean missing out on an incredible investment opportunity. We’ve closed loans in 48 hours, and average just 10 days. Don’ wait any longer. Apply now.

If you have any questions please contact one of our members below

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